There's a place closing their doors that has El Pasoans feeling bummed. The place El Paso is sad to see go is Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen at The Fountains at Farah. Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen were one of the places you love spending your break time from shopping at.

Or if anything it was the place you get your shop on a buzz mode on with a couple of beers and snacks. Well, whatever Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen meant to you, you don't have much longer to enjoy their goodies. Bricktown Brewery announced to their entire staff they would be closing Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen on February 26.

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This sour news didn't sit well with El Pasoan's stomachs when the word was posted on a Facebook foodies group. The confirmation came straight from the source and lots were saddened by the news. If you're going to miss that one particular item you always order, better order it one final time.

From the beer to the nachos to their burgers Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen had an impact on El Pasoans tastebuds and hearts. It won't be a surprise if Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen get slammed in the next few days.

After all, there are some bummed El Pasoans that learned about Bricktown Tap House and Kitchen closing their doors. If you've never experienced their menu don't miss your shot since it will be your last one soon. The pandemic just keeps adding on to our heartbreak with favorite joints we once enjoyed are now closing.

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