Beneath all the "us vs. them" mentalities, misinformation, hateful rhetoric and general stupidity you hear and see everywhere lies one very important truth.

Your vote matters and you need to use it wisely. To that end, keep these things in mind come November 6th:

  • 1) Know candidates entire platform, not just the part you like.  If you want marijuana legalized, for example, that's great.  But, if the candidate that's for that also plans to cut social security benefits or repeal the first amendment do you really want that person in office?
  • 2) Make your choice count, don't just give it away to save a few minutes.  Straight ticket voting is BS.  I don't care what party you're for, look at each office individually and pick the person most suited for the job. Example: Based on the candidates levels of education, experience and credibility, let's rate them 1-10. Candidate A is a 5, Candidate B is a 3 and Candidate C is a 10. Wanting the best person for the job, Candidate C is the obvious choice, right?  Vote straight ticket "A" or "B" and you're filling an important post with an underqualified individual.
  • 3) Make them earn their positions, even if they need only beat themselves. If your candidate's running unopposed, and you feel they're not doing a good job, don't vote for them. They'll still win but, as they see fewer votes in their favor, maybe they'll sense a threat to their cushy job and start trying to fix it. (You can't do this voting straight ticket...)
  • 4)  Do your own thinking. Stop letting social and electronic media influence you.  Half of it's untrue and the other half's been carefully crafted to sway you one way or the other. Research, investigate, study ... and listen carefully to the other guys' sources. Unpleasant as it may be, you'll never get the truth listening to only one side.

The bottom line here is that your vote will help get the right people into the right gigs. If you just let your buddies, Facebook or straight ticket cast that vote for you, YOU are not solving problems. You are a huge part OF the problem.  Early voting has begun but, you have until the 6th to do some reading folks.

Go learn things!

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