If you're considering on getting that 3rd piercing, this may have you reconsider that idea real quick! Big Joe Tattoo gathered a compilation of photos of people who got a piercing that later went haywire for them.

A few years ago I used to have my lip pierced and before that I had my tongue and nose. I didn't last very long with the tongue or nose piercing but lasted quite a while with my lip pierced. Thankfully I did not have any infections occur on any of my piercings but have known a few friends that have. It's gross to know that the minute you slip on caring for your piercing, it can do a complete 180 and leave you with a hospital or doctor bill to fix it. Usually where there is cartilage and you get that area pierced is prone to developing an infection.

So if you're planning on being a friends support system while they get pierced, show them this before for fun of course!


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