Over 70 vials of the new COVID 19 vaccination destined for a town in New Mexico had to be disposed of after a temperature foul-up.

75 vials of the COVID 19 vaccine meant to be distributed in Clayton, New Mexico experienced what has been termed a "temperature excursion" and had to be thrown out. I'm no expert mind you but, to put it in simpler, layman's terms, I'm assuming that means they got too hot.

According to our news partners at KVIA, this accident has caused many new safety protocols to be put immediately into place with regard to vaccine shipments. They include:

  • Immunization personnel will be on call and available by cell phone each day throughout the transport process.
  • The temperature range on the digital data loggers will be narrowed and an alarm will trigger just before going out of range. This will allow transport team to respond in a timely manner.
  • Those involved in the transport efforts will visit the health department warehouse to review processes and to make sure proper placement of digital data loggers. - KVIA

As the new vaccines roll out, I'm sure more incidents will occur like this or possibly involving lost and misdirected shipments, shipping delays, etc. This is new territory here in just about every aspect so, mistakes are bound to happen. I guess it's better that these things are happening now as opposed to later when the loss of vaccine doses could be far more impactful. Fingers crossed that no more problems occur and that all the doses get where they need to be.

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