El Paso sure has a variety of great food trucks to choose from! Around these parts, many of our favorite food trucks end up opening their own restaurants- like Orange Cow Burgers, Kaedama Ramen and very soon El Chucoviche will be opening their restaurant.

But on any give day, if you're driving around the Sun City, you'll most likely find a food truck that will cater to your every craving whether it be tacos, pupusas, burgers or even sushi! Everyone has a favorite food truck and for the most part, you can easily track it down. But one of the best things is when you find a new food truck and fall in love with it.

If you're looking to discover some new food trucks, just like this Reddit user who asks "Where are all the food trucks in El Paso", you're in luck! In El Paso you could easily just find a food truck on some of the usual streets like Dyer or Alameda.

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Replying to the original Reddit thread, and adding some of the ones I know, here are some other places you might find food trucks:

  • Fox Plaza 5559 Alameda
    You can either enjoy food trucks on Sundays when they hold the flea market, or on weeknights when they have food trucks lined up in the parking lot.
  • Zaragoza across from Oasis
    There's an entire area dedicated to food trucks in this area.
  • Trawood & Saul Kleinfeld 
  • Montwood & Saul Kleinfeld
  • Old Glory Memorial in the Northeast 
  • Woodrow Bean & Dyer 
  • Dyer & Sun Valley 
  • In the Ross parking lot on Dyer 
  • Country Club Rd. 

If you know of any other places, let us know on our App Chat!

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