The summer of 2001 was a blast for me. I had just completed the sixth grade and was looking forward to seventh grade; mainly because it meant I was no longer a newbie! It was also the summer that I started to discover all types of music.

2001, to me, still seems like just a few years ago when really, it was 20 years ago! Can you believe? In honor of my coming of age era, here are seven song I cannot believe are turning 20 this year!

System of a Down- Chop Suey! 

Probably the bands most known song, Chop Suey! came out in August of 2001 and the guy I had a crush on introduced me to it. My love for System of a Down grew from then on, unfortunately my crush on that guy died when he started dating some other girl.

Nickelback- How You Remind Me

The world's introduction to Nickelback. The song was released in July of 2001. In the seventh grade I went to several Bat and Bar Mitzvah's  and this song was definitely a party starter. Also, let's all stop pretending we hate Nickelback.

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Linkin Park- In the End 

Released as the second single off Hybrid Theory, this song is iconic. It begat many memes, and is now a great remembrance of Chester's talent.

Drowning Pool- Bodies

Released in May of 2001, this was the summer jam! It's Drowning Pool's signature song and was the theme song for the 2001 WWF SummerSlam pay-per-view event. After September 11th attacks, the song was taken off air because  it was considered inappropriate in the wake of the terrorist attack.

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle 

Released in June of that year, this would go on to become my "get pumped" jam for years to come. It's inspirational really.

Puddle of Mudd- Blurry

Released in October of the year, this song made me feel like such an angsty teenager for no reason! This was before Wes Scantlin went a little unhinged.

Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz

This song may not be considered rock, but it was definitely a banger! Released in March of the year, I actually first heard this song on a mixed CD that I bought at the swap meet, the CD included all the songs on this list.

What song shocks you the most that turns 20 this year?


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