I love a good Kermes. The games, the atmosphere and most importantly: the food! Because of the pandemic, last year's kermes season was basically halted. I say basically because at one particular popular spot held a drive-thru for their famous gorditas!

As more and more people get vaccinated and more things open up, including the return of the Texas state fair, here's hoping that all the popular kermes' around town also make a (safe) return! While we hope for the return of loteria and gorditas, we took to our social media to ask our listeners: what is their favorite kermes in El Paso and why?

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Y'all didn't let us down and gave us the top six! I have to admit, of all six on the list, I've only experienced one of them. The kermes I would go to would usually be the churches we attended, St. Jude's and Our Lady of the Light's kermes. Of course, we were sure not to miss out on the most popular one (which will be mentioned in the list below!). The top six, in no particular order are:

  • Corpus Christi Catholic Church on North Loop
  • San Lorenzo Catholic Church in Clint
  • St. George's Feast in the Middle East on Festival
  • Socorro Mission in Socorro
  • San Ignatius Loyola Parish on Park St.
  • and of course: St. Anthony's Seminary

I've only ever been to the one at St. Anthony's and I can tell you that the line for the gorditas are worth it!


Someone did mention Fiesta de las Flores, which took place at the Coliseum on Labor Day Weekend, but I wasn't sure if that counted; however, that was a great one my family used to love going to every year!

Time to make a bucket list of kermes in El Paso! Here's hoping they return this summer!

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