There is nothing like a virus that can give you the biggest scare and teach you a lesson at the same time. The coronavirus definitely opened my eyes to the things I took advantage of in my social life. I am almost sure that you could also agree with me about the advantages we didn't take. Lately, Covid-19 has been clearing off our calendar by canceling plans we would have taken advantage of then. But now, I regret every single time I took advantage of those plans.

Plus, when El Paso was put on a stay at home order is when I noticed more people outdoors. I believe that once all this is done with more people will be out and about. Covid-19 is the responsible party for us adding some changes to our daily activities in the future. I have made a list of lessons Covid-19 has taught hopefully, most of us. Those lessons include the things I took advantage of when I had them and make some changes.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Be Outdoors More Often

    When our city was put on a stay at home order is when I noticed more outdoor activity than before. While times are challenging at the moment, we're missing nature more than ever. Since the spread has peaked in El Paso ALL parks and scenic views are closed until further notice. But I will be making changes to my weekend activity that includes time with nature. Once Covid-19 dies down, parks and scenic view areas will have a bigger headcount this time around.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Engage More With Family

    I'll admit and plead guilty to avoiding visits from family members sometimes. But now that I look back at those times I totally regret it. The only correct way to visit with family is either a drive-by greeting or through technology. I am not sure about you but I sure do miss face to face interactions. After the order is lifted I am going to be the one paying my relatives a visit. I will also probably become more of a hugger when all this is over.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Making Plans and Keeping Them

    Before being a homebody was an order, it wasn't a problem then compared to how it is now. I look back at the lunches and coffee meets I skipped and feel guilty. I should have used that time to catch up and have adult conversations. It feels like I am a teenager again that is grounded until further notice. During this time I learned to keep the plans I make with whomever it may be.

  • Stuart Wilson/Getty Images for S

    Keeping In Touch

    This Covid-19 crisis has really brought the caring side out of your family and friends. Since they're advising us to not pay any relatives a visit we have one last resort. Thanks to technology we can touch base with the ones we love and care about. If you need to talk to someone face to face video chat really helps.

  • Getty Images

    Keep My Hands Off My Face

    We have been making sure to avoid touching our faces at all times. Although, it has been quite difficult for a lot of us to do. But because of how serious the coronavirus role is we're learning to keep our hands off our face. Like they say when you make a routine of something it becomes a habit. Hopefully, after things return back to normal we will escape the habit of touching our faces.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Always Carry Hand Sanitizer

    Covid-19 caused panic and led some people to hoard what helps prevent it from being caught. Before coronavirus became the main topic in society, there was plenty of hand sanitizer left to sell. But this situation has been a real eye-opener for people. I now understand why the hand sanitizer holder/case was invented. It would be smart to start carrying around hand sanitizer at all times. Because of Covid-19 I now carry hand sanitizer in my truck, office, and keys.