Earlier this week, I wrote about the ketchup shortage we are currently in. That's right, we're in the midst of a ketchup shortage, and it's actually gotten to some people because there is now a black market for ketchup! Ketchup packets are being sold from .99 cents to $3,000!

Well, ketchup isn't the only thing that there's a shortage of now. Supply chain issues are affecting many restaurants across the globe and causing shortages of some of your favorites. Here are four other items, aside from ketchup, that restaurants everywhere are seeing shortages of:


Kaffee-Meister via Unsplash

You may have a hard time getting your oat milk in your favorite coffee drink. According to Eat This, Not That, Oatly brand milk has had a hard time keeping up with demand ever since Starbucks named it an alternative to milk.



While places like Domino's and Wing Stop may not have seen a slow down in chicken wing supply, other places have certainly seen a shortage of chicken wings.

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Boba Tea 

Gita-Krishnamurti via Unsplash

Buzz actually mentioned this shortage this past week. Boba balls and the tapioca flour they are made from may become scarce soon thanks to congestion in the Asian market during the pandemic- at least according to experts.



The biggest challenge many restaurants are facing right now is getting people to work for them. Now this viral TikTok with an apology for lack of staff is showing just how hard it is to get people back to work.

Have you noticed any of these shortages when you go to your favorite restaurant?


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