Summer is here and there is nothing better than an ice cold drink on a patio while the sun sets. El Paso has some great bar patios and, of course, El Paso has some amazing sunsets, so the combination of the two is majestic.

I've reached an age where I prefer day drinking over a night of drinking-that way I'm back home in bed before 9.  When the sun starts to set- drinking on a patio in El Paso just hits different, right?

If you're also looking for some views with your day drinking- then check out these five rooftop bars with some great views of Downtown El Paso!

5 Rooftop Bars in El Paso

Not pictured above is the Wooftop Deck at Southwest University Park. I would count that as a cool rooftop bar in Downtown El Paso, however you can't just casually stroll into that one.

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While El Paso doesn't have that many rooftop bars, the ones we do have are quite popular and definitely worth the visit. Obviously, El Paso has lots of other great bars with patios where you could enjoy a beautiful summer evening. Also, a lot of local bars are also dog friendly, so your furry little companion can also join in on the fun.

As always, this is a good reminder to drink responsibly.

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