Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow and do you remember crossing the bridge to J-Town with your friends to celebrate back in the day? I was remembering the five places I used to hang out at with my friends that almost everyone had fun at.

Below is a list of some places you remember hanging out at on Cinco De Mayo that the young crowd can't. They won't ever know the five places the way we knew them back then. The weekend Cinco De Mayo landed on the lines crossing by foot or car were longer than usual! Most of these places don't exist anymore and the ones that do are not the same as it was before. Raul Panther Gonzalez has a clip from Vertigo recorded back in 1992! Flashback below to those good old days you would visit for a good time with your friends.

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    Chamuco's was a little further in J-Town near an S. Mart off of C. I. Mejia street. After many night outings at Chamuco's eventually closed down and hasn't been opened since. This was one of the places you had to get to by car instead of on foot.

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    Vertigo goes WAY back and was known for some wild times! Some of you do remember this place and the insane music that would be played. There have been some scary stories I've heard about that occurred there many moons ago. Vertigo's Facebook page has quite the comment history like one dude mentioning how he was stabbed there!

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    You were lucky if you got to attend several of their events they had! It was a little further out from Chamuco's and needed a ride since it's quite a distance from the bridge. My favorite event they had one night that was hella fun was their foamy party!

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    This spot was for those who were afraid to take their car, didn't know their way around or both! Luckily I had two groups one that drove deep into J-Town and those that walked over. Reno's wasn't so far away from the bridge and was the spot you were guaranteed to see your friends.

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    EVERYONE remembers what some called the "dirty derbs" that no longer exists. That was the place you would get that liquid courage for cheap to dance on the bar! The scandalous stories always happened to occur at the Derby. The DJ would play that one song that hyped us ladies up to climb on the bar and dance our sucia heart away!