The Internet, a place where people normally get along and never blow things out of proportion, is currently divided on a very important issue. It’s not quite to “is a tennis ball yellow?” level of discord but it is closing in on “is the dress blue or gold?” levels.

This current rift is about the letter “h”. Specifically, whether the “h” in “IMHO” stands for “humble” or “honest”. The “I”, “M”, and “O” stand for “In My Opinion”, but I’m sure you knew that since you are currently using the Internet.

Honest or humble…it really does make a difference in the tone of you comment depending on what you THINK you’re saying.

I always thought it was for “humble” and assumed every one else did, too. But a poll on Buzzfeed shows that HONEST is leading HUMBLE at about 60-40%.

But, maybe there are some people using IMHO and thinking that the H stands for something OTHER than Honest OR Humble. Here are some possibilities:


“In my humorous opinion”. It just a wordier way of saying, “JK”.


The person is acknowledging that they are raging on the internet while angry. Maybe they’ve been trying to tell you all along that they’re only typing in ALL CAPS because they’re mad and if you check back in an hour they’ll be calmer.


The writer is trying to tell you that they are chatting from a computer in a public library and that’s why they have to leave the chat no later than 9 pm.

  • “HIGH”

The implication here would be that the writer is b-a-a-a-k-e-d at the time and should not be held accountable once the intoxicating effects wear off.

  • “HOUSE”

This might be uncommon ,but the commenter may mistakenly be writing “IMHOP” under the assumption that it stand for “Internation Mother-f*****g House Of Pancakes”. They think they are expressing how much they love pancakes and are confused as to why IHOP hasn’t reached out with some free coupons.

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