There are several ways I have learned how to enjoy Mexican bolillos when we have some leftovers. Most families use Mexican bolillos for their menudo or posole. But sometimes there will be a bag of bread leftover that can be transformed into a sweet or salty treat. In my household when we have Mexican bolillos left we save them for the next morning to eat for breakfast. We cut each Mexican bolillos in half and spread some butter over each half. After, we place them in the oven for a few minutes to melt and give the bread a slight crunch. I have always enjoyed eating Mexican bolillos in all the ways I've tried. On my dad's side of the family, we were introduced to eating Mexican bolillos smothered with either jelly, honey, or beans. Sometimes just enjoying a Mexican bolillo with good old butter also does the trick for a tasty snack.

But there are other ways some Hispanics use a Mexican bolillo. Everyone on my dad's side of the family uses their bolillos to dip into their bowl of menudo or posole. But another way some Hispanics in El Paso use bolillos to make sandwiches when they're out of the square sliced bread. I've got to enjoy Mexican bolillos in all sorts of ways after being raised in a Hispanic family. I would like to know how you enjoy using the leftover batch of Mexican bolillos. Pick the option that suits how you enjoy eating Mexican bolillos in the poll below.

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