The Christmas holidays are here, and friends and family from across the country will be flooding back to El Paso this week. Most likely all of these people will end up, one way or another, at a bar. Here are the five funny drinks El Paso bartenders say describe people's personalities.

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"You're under 30 or over 50. You have no idea what your limit is and you'll most likely be puking at some point tonight." - Jess


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"Maybe young in the body you have an old soul. You prefer the smell of books, leather, or Calvin Klein's Obsession. You've definitely tried smoking to back out of a corn cob pipe before. Or you're just really excited to drink something out of a shiny cup." - Marko


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"You're a party person who loves experiences over things. You love telling stories about your experiences, which mostly have to do with getting messed up on tequila." - Shana


Photo by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash
Photo by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash

"You're my aunt Belinda and you've already had 10 of these before Christmas dinner, you're singing show tunes, while very slowly discarding layers of clothing one at a time because it's, "...just getting so dang hot in here," and trying to convince your nephew to play an out of tune piano for you." - Steve


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"It's probably a night out with just the girls. That means a night of karaoke, line dancing, and hooking up." - Talia



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