Lisa and I got to go see an early showing of Marvel's Black Panther. IT. WAS. AMAZING! It's definitely in the top five Marvel films that I like. So, without spoilers, here are 30 thoughts I had while seeing Black Panther:

  1. Is It date night? Everyone here is pretty much a couple and I feel personally attacked.
  2. Lisa got us a bunch of snacks, don't spill her drink, Joanna, don't spill her drink!
  3. Is this an X-Men movie trailer I'm seeing?
  4. Oh, It's Venom. Tom Hardy looks delicious.
  5. Is the movie starting? Is this the movie already?
  6. [Narrator: The first Black Panther was created] Oh, it's starting, they didn't even warn me. Rude.
  7. The first Black Panther had a great body.
  8. OH MY GOD! It's Randall from This Is Us!
  9. Oh dang, Michonne looks great!
  10. Oh snap! Lupita Nyong'O and T'Challa are totally hooking up
  11. Why does the dad have to be dead?!
  12. Yaass Angela Basset! Oh, she's T'challa's mom!
  13. Oh! It's the girl from Black Mirror! She's T'Challa's sister!
  14. Oh! It's Chris from Get Out! Gotta stop saying "yaass" it's annoying the guy next to Lisa
  15. This challenge seems intense. T'Challa looks like he skipped leg day, but the rest of him looks great!
  16. Is Black Panther really making me cry right now?! Whhyyy??
  17. This is totally like that scene in The Lion King when Mufasa talks to Simba through the clouds and tells him "Remember who you are!"
  18. Wakanda feels like it could be a city in an episode of Black Mirror
  19. The fashion in this movie is great. If they don't win a best costume award I'll throw my shoe at someone!
  20. Oh, Martin Freeman. He has a great American accent, I'm digging it.
  21. AH! Cue the Stan Lee cameo! It's hilarious!
  22. Again, this totally feels like it could be an episode of Black Mirror what are those things they put behind their ears?
  23. Oh, snap, we just found out who Michael B. Jordan really is. This got intense.
  24. Forrest Whitaker just gave himself Forrest Whitaker eye.
  25. These purple flowers are cool, I need to recreate it somehow, note to self:  get on Pinterest later to learn how to create them.
  26. There you go again, Black Panther, making me cry.
  27. It's over. That. Was. Great!
  28. Oh! Post Credit scene!
  30. Hey, wait a minute, Lisa never got her hot dog

And those are my thoughts on Marvel's Black Panther. Ok, just one more: WAKANDA FOREVER!