Spoiler Alert! I'm throwing it out there even though I don't really consider any of what I'm about to say an actual "spoiler". I'm going to speak in very general terms about the shared tragedy we all experienced at the theater over the weekend. So..."spoiler alert/non-spoiler alert", I guess?

My 11 year old daughter actually cried during this movie. She's my youngest but she really makes an effort to project a very stoic, unemotional persona. Let's just say, this kid doesn't get emotional over much. But she cried actual tears during Avengers: Infinity War.

I shared with her a few things that I have learned from being a nerdy person who has spent most of his life obsessing over pop culture, especially sci-fi and super-hero stuff (believe it or not, I'm single, ladies!)

Here are 3 things that I told my daughter that might bring some peace of mind to you, too.

Ok...last spoiler alert.

  • Comic Book Death

This concept is well established enough that it has it's own wikipedia entry. Every comic book character has been killed before. Every...single...one. Some of them were a big enough deal that they were covered on the network television news, like when Superman got "killed" by Doomsday. Robin has been "killed" more times than Super Mario. Nobody stays dead in comic books. Except for Uncle Ben, that is. Who knew getting shot by a mugger would be more fatal than being incinerated by the power cosmic or sent hurtling into the heart of the Sun?

  • Nobody Throws Away a Billion Dollars 

That's what some of these characters are. I told you there wouldn't be any specifics but there was a recent super-hero film that, as of this writing, is closing in on half a BILLION in world-wide box office. Combine that with sequels and merchandising and suddenly you're talking about a billion-dollar intellectual property. Nobody, throws away a billion dollars. Not Disney, not Marvel and certainly not their shareholders. These characters are much too valuable to snuff out of existence.

  • There's Ample Proof that They'll be Back

C'mon. It's 2018. There are so many different sources you can go to and find out what actors are going to be in what movies, often for the next five years or more. Here's an entire Wikipedia article about the next Avengers movie with an amazingly intact cast. Here's the IMDB page for the same movie and, LOOK! It seems the gang's all here!

I hope that helps you feel better. But, if you need to take Monday and Tuesday to recover, I'm sure your boss will understand.

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