Summer's almost over and it's time for you to enjoy the last bits of the summer heat with your friends or family. If you want to get out of the house this Saturday or Sunday, or any day you're free, we have some suggestions of nearby ghost towns you can explore. These historic spots are the perfect mix of creepy and cool that will keep you and your kids entertained.

New Mexico is a state rich in history and adventure, which may be why it is called the Land of Enchantment. These 3 towns are only two hours away, so you can drive there, explore the area, grab lunch in a nearby city, then drive back to El Paso all before the sun goes down.

  • Hillsboro- The town of Hillsboro was started after gold was found there in 1877. According to the New Mexico website, the town at one point had a post office and four saloons. The community now houses a colorful collection of ranchers, artists, and more.
  • Engle- Engle started out as a busy train stop for the Santa Fe Railroad where miners where pick up supplies before heading out looking for gold. Once the mining dried up it became a spot for ranchers and cattle but droughts made that traffic decline as well.
  • Lake Valley- This town was known for the silver that came from the Bridal Chamber mine but after the Silver Panic wasn't prosperous. Now only a few houses and a couple of other structures are standing.
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Some honorable mentions are Pinos Altos, Chloride, and Shakespeare. These three New Mexico ghost towns are less than three hours away so after you spend a couple weekends exploring the first three areas, you can drive out a little farther and see what these spots have to offer. To check out more ghost towns visit the New Mexico website.

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