Easter is almost here and so is April Fool's Day and we all know that one person who is ready to prank! Hence, this dad was just waiting for his opportunity to pull this prank on his children.

You and I know and love those cake pops from Starbucks and he actually found a way to make something similar. Fun Awesome will show you exactly how to prank your kiddos on Easter if you plan to. This dad thought of 3 easy Easter pranks for you to use on your offspring. One easy prank was by dipping some mushrooms into a bowl of melted chocolate. The mushrooms could totally pass off as a cake pop from Starbucks after you see his finished product. One prank that will actually show you if your kid is dependent on their cell phone was by far hands down the best one!

If you're a parent that gets a kick out of tormenting your mini you then this is for you!


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