El Paso is a city that is proud to be considered one of the safest in America. El Paso has had a per capita violent crime ranking well below the state and national averages for almost a decade.

So, dead bodies starting to pile up is out of character for our city. Sure, we have our share of fatalities from traffic accidents, just like any big city. But a dead body is usually a rarity in this town.

But we’ve had three turn up in just the past two day.

On Tuesday a body was found in the drainage area underneath an I-10 overpass near Cotton Street.

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The body hadn’t been identified but KVIA somehow decided to put the video up on Youtube…

The first body discovered on Wednesday was in a van parked at the Home Depot on Montwood. As in the previous case, the identity is either unknown or at least not known to public. Police roped the parking lot off but have said they don’t have any reason to suspect foul play.

Good ‘ol KVIA was on the scene for that one, too:

The second Wednesday body was at a home in Northeast El Paso. It isn’t said who reported the body but the police did have the area taped off with red tape, indicated a crime scene.

You’ll never guess who had a camera crew there. Seriously, KVIA either has an ARMY of photographers or their drone technology is waaaay ahead of the curve.

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