Fortunately, these mean-looking SOB's aren't really a threat to us.

First, it was Murder Hornets. Then we moved on to disease-bearing mosquitoes and most recently we learned about Zombie Cicadas. Now, enter the Cicada Killer Wasps. (Which, again, are really no threat to us.)

These guys are scary looking, huge, and can be pretty loud as they fly past, often carrying prey which can be as big or even a little bigger than the wasp itself. That's all they will do though is just fly on by ... unless you're either a Cicada or you're messing with them. Then, they'll get busy. (See pictures here.)

Recent sightings have spiked a bit, causing New Mexico State University in Las Cruces to issue a report on large wasps in our area. The "Murder Hornets", aka "Asian Giant Hornets", do not inhabit our area. We do have the cicada killers though, as well as "Tarantula Wasps". Both of them look pretty menacing but, again, neither poses any real threat to humans as long as we leave them alone. (Tarantula Wasp stings aren't harmful but they do hurt as you can see in this video. IF you choose to watch it)

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Cicada Killer Wasps are about 2.5 inches long with 3-inch wingspans and typical, (black and yellow), wasp markings.

  • They live underground and prefer sandy soils, and may forage on flowers for sugar and water.
  • They are often seen hovering near the ground or sandy mounds, sometimes carrying prey.
  • Some are territorial and will scout out perceived changes in the environment, including hikers, gardeners, and pets. (LCSN)

They're actually kinda cool though and are really harmless, learn more about them here and here.

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