I feel kind of bad for the 13 year old boy whose Mom whupped him with a belt for taking her new BMW for a spin. I also feel like the sister who recorded the whole thing and posted it social media may have irreparably damaged her relationship with her brother. BUT…when it comes to ways to screw up when you’re 13 years old, this IS a pretty big screw-up. So, here it is.

Here’s a link to the Twitter feed of what happened on Friday in El Paso.

If you just want to see the video of when the mom finally catches up to the kid, you can scroll right down to it.

Driving when you’re only 13 is wrong and irresponsible. Stealing your mom’s new car is also wrong. But the BIGGEST lapse in judgment this young man made was that he took the car for a joyride while it was raining! IN EL PASO!! In El Paso 50 year olds don’t even know how to drive a car in the rain. This 13 year old was a hydroplaning accident just waiting to happen!

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