Well, it finally happened... backup quarterback Cooper Rush threw an interception (or 3) and his winning streak for the Dallas Cowboys has been snapped. (He threw one interception in his one start last year).

Dak Prescott hasn't practiced since his September 12th surgery, which was to repair an injury on his throwing thumb. If all goes as planned - Dak should be suiting up to practice this week, and starting at home against the Detroit Lions.

Here are some of the best tweets from locals and their thoughts on Dak coming back!

Let me make it clear, HOWEVER you swing, it's alright to love Cooper Rush while also loving the fact that Dak Prescott is getting healthy and coming back. You know what's better than a fantastic backup quarterback? A fantastic quarterback AND a fantastic backup quarterback. It's in the water for Dallas.

To put this into perspective: the Eagles hung 20 points on the Cowboys in the blink of an eye in Week 6 of the NFL. The game looked over before halftime. But - Cooper Rush led Dallas to 17 straight points and made it a winnable game.

That brings me to my next point - the NFC, outside of the Eagles, Giants (whose lone loss is to Cooper Rush and the Dallas Cowboys), AND the Vikings is 3-3 or worse. Literally no other team is above .500.

According to Dak? That's his plan.

"Obviously, got to see the doc, but, yeah, that's kind of my plan."


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