Now we all have to follow the law and go with it but crazy they actually have sex laws in some states!Be sure to check out how insane some of the states we consider part of America are!

1. Lunch Break Nooner-- Carlsbad, New Mexico

If you can't wait to get it in after work, No worries! Only if you live in Carlsbad, New Mexico because there you're legally allowed to have sex in your car during your lunch break! The one thing is that you make sure NOT to expose or flaunt it for the public to see!

2. Times Up! -- Idaho

Be sure to keep track of the time in your head or carry a stop watch! While in Idaho, If you engage in any sort of public affection you have to stop right at the 18 minute mark! You keep it going longer after that mark, consider yourself being a rebel as Judas Priest would sing breaking the law!

3. Steer Clear of the Meat!-- Newcastle, Wyoming

You must keep away from the meat, people! In this city and state the law forbids you from having intercourse inside a walk-in meat freezer of a store. Of course to keep the meat clean, but who the hell would want to have raw goods on your own goods?!

4. Save Energy!--Roboch, Virginia

Lights out means get your freak out! In Roboch, Virginia you must make sure to keep it dark when partaking in any sexual activity! It's illegal to get it on with the lights on!

5. 5 minutes not so much in heaven!-- Iowa

This state is even stricter than Idaho is! At least Idaho gives you plenty of time to not have to worry about going over. By law, 5 minutes is the max time to have a make out session. So much for playing 7 minutes in heaven!

6. Stick to the mission-ary!--Washington, DC

In Washington, DC you must follow the letter of the law which is sticking to the missionary position! It is the only legal way to be intimate with one another.

7. No Toys allowed!--Alabama

There is a sex toy ban in the state of Alabama. So now those folks not only can't use toys but they have to use their own hand!

8. No Ride and Drive--Tremonton, Utah

If you are a woman and visit Tremonton, Utah and happen to be in an ambulance, whatever you do DO NOT HAVE SEX in it! If you decide to test the waters you're looking at facing a sexual misdemeanor charge AND get your name blasted all over the papers! The man involved will NOT get charged OR have his name put on blast in the papers. Total unfairness if you ask me!

9. Take your stank somewhere else!--Alexandria, Minnesota

This law must have been arranged by a woman herself. It is illegal for the local men of Alexandria, Minnesota to make love to their women if they have bad breath. If the ladies tell the men to go clean up, they HAVE to follow that order!

10. Women can't ride on top!--Massachusetts

Be sure to know your place (that reside in Massachusetts) ladies! There is a law that is out to get you if you want to be on top riding your man.