What is a one hit wonder? The dictionary definition says a one hit wonder is a group or an artist that has achieved success on the basis of one widely popular song. And in the world of music, we have seen PLENTY. Some have come from the state of Texas.

Now if you're a true fan of these bands, you KNOW that there are MANY great songs from each of these artists. But these are artists that have that one song that as soon as you hear it, your brain goes "Oh yeah that song!". I absolutely agree that many of these bands have more than one great song. But these are some Texas one hit wonders you might remember.


Ahhh yes the 90s. (Spoilers we're gonna see a few from this decade). The Ft Worth rockers are still around but every time they perform, they have to perform the song that almost the entire crowd knows... Possum Kingdom.

Butthole Surfers

It's certainly one of the weirdest names for a band, but the San Antonio rockers proved the world liked the weird. They started back in 1981 but it wasn't until 1996 that the world finally knew of the B-hole Surfers with their gem: Pepper.

Deep Blue Something

Originating from Denton, TX, the alt-rock band really only scored one huge hit in their career. But what a hit it was. Taken from the film with the same name, I'll bet you remember enjoying Breakfast at Tiffany's when it first came out in 1995 (and maybe now to this day)

Los Lonely Boys

I bet you don't even need me playing the song to get this San Angelo's band's song stuck in your head. Just saying the phrase "How far is Heaven?" & it's already playing. No? Not yet? Well... it is NOW.

The Hunger

An often forgotten industrial rock band in the 90s, the Houston rockers DID score a minor hit with Vanishing Cream. They had other songs that would receive airplay (Never Again or Shoot to Kill come to mind) but Vanishing Cream would rank the highest on the Billboard charts, reaching No. 10 on the Mainstream Rock charts.

Now let's take a look at one hit wonders NOT from the 90s...

At The Drive-In

Now everyone in El Paso who knows ATDI, or Mars Volta, or Sparta, know this band. They also know they had made great songs to their name. But without a doubt, One Armed Scissor was THE song that put ATDI on the map & made people realize the talent to come out of El Paso.

Drowning Pool

This is another case of "are they one hit wonders" because a good number of their songs DID chart: "Sinner" or "Tear Away". However the biggest & most successful single by the Dallas metal band is without a doubt "Bodies". You can certainly thank the world of wrestling for this song being so familiar and just like with Los Lonely Boys, you already know what this song is without me playing it.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Speaking of being tough, the Austin classic rockers The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been a huge name in the blues scene for a while. While they would have some songs be featured in movies like "Twist It Off" & "Powerful Stuff", their only Billboard hit song (reaching No 10) would be the song that asks yourself...Ain't that "Tuff Enuff".

The 13th Floor Elevators

The band that was formed by Roky Erickson in Austin, The 13th Floor Elevators would be a monumental block in building the psychedlic rock scene. Some would say that they even STARTED the genre entirely. It's crazy to think that they're really known for one song: "You're Gonna Miss Me" in 1966. It would reach No.55 on the Billboard charts. It might be only one hit song, but anyone who knows the group, knows how important they were to music.


Wrapping up our list of Texas one hit wonders is Bloodrock from Ft Worth. The band that would open up for The Beach Boys & The Five Americans in the 60s would release a few singles that wouldn't go anywhere. However in 1971, "D.O.A". would be their biggest hit reaching No 36 on the Billboard charts. The band would disband in 1975 but their songs are still regarded as cult classics.

Regardless if you think these bands are true one hit wonders or not, one thing is for certain: they've made an impact on the music world all in the name of Texas.

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