If El Paso had the 10 Commandments of driving, I believe they would look something like this. It's scary driving on the road when the Sun City isn't so sunny on some days. As it is we deal with drivers who could be having a bad day and it influences their driving. Then there are times when an accident was truly an accident the time the truck driver shut down I-10. Well, I am no perfect driver either but I've noticed things other drivers do that bug me. So I made a list of the things some of us do on the road that isn't great driving. Below you will notice some Commandments I wrote up that may also bug you about other drivers.

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    Do Not Use A Mobile Device

    If you've seen FitFamep's Instagram then you know where I am going with this. A lot of people tend to be the cause of accidents sometimes. They will be driving on I-10 East while filming the aftermath of a crash. Keep your eyes on the road, not on your cell phone.

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    Don't Speed In A School Zone

    I remember before having a kid I was that person that would go 5 over. But things have changed since I had my own mini-me. Now that I have a kid of my own I get bothered seeing someone going above the speed limit. If you speed through a school zone quite often, I hope you get a ticket.

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    Don't Stay In Right Lane If It's Closed Ahead

    When you're about 2 miles away from the right lane being closed.... MOVE IT OVER! There are a lot of people who continue driving in the right lane after reading it will be closed ahead. So don't try and beat traffic by speeding through a lane that's closed up ahead.

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    Don't Zoom Over 2 Lanes For Your Exit

    Sometimes we get caught up in singing, rocking out, or talking in the car. Those little things can be a distraction that we almost forget our exit. It has happened to me a few times when I get carried away. If you're just too far away just take the next exit. Don't be that person that speeds up even more and zooms across to make your exit.

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    Don't Pass Someone On Scenic Drive

    I usually take Scenic Drive as my preferred route to go West. Sometimes I have bad luck and take my chances of possibly riding behind a slower driver. Then there are other days when it doesn't have much traffic. But there is a reason they have the double yellow lines on Scenic Drive. So if you plan on traveling through the mountain don't pass someone for going too slow!

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    Don't Use The Fast Lane To Go Slow

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT travel in the fast lane if you don't plan on going 60 or more. Move out of the fast lane if you like to keep it under 55. The fast lane's meant for those who need to pass someone else in the slower lanes.

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    Don't Turn Without Using Your Blinker

    If you wonder why you always get hit from behind is probably for this reason. Do not make a turn without using your blinker! This is how you get hit from behind sometimes. Using your blinker will notify the driver to keep some distance from you.

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    Do Not Be A Pepo/Pepa

    When accidents happen the nosey bodies tend to want to know what happened. These are the people that see an accident and go 15 under the speed limit. They will purposely go slow just to see what happened and maybe get it on social media. Imagine how you would feel if you crashed and someone's recording you as they're driving by? DON'T. BE. THAT. PERSON.

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    Don't Use The Suicide Lane For Anything But Turning

    A perfect example is the suicide lane on Dyer near Fred Wilson. A lot of people will want to turn left on Fred Wilson which backs up traffic. So some don't have the time to wait until it's their turn to reach the lane to turn. Some will use the suicide lane to go straight instead of using it for what it's meant for... to turn left or right!

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    Do Not Drive Between Vehicles If You're A Biker

    When there is traffic galore some bikers are not patient. Yes, they have the ability to drive in between the cars because of their small way of transportation. But this is how accidents happen in the borderland. Some bikers don't have the patience to wait in traffic as most of us do. So if you own a bike, and do this.... I hope for your own safety you stop that bad habit soon.