Apparently YouTube thinks Trapts music video Love Hate Relationship is too graphic for an audience under 18. Trapt is stunned how YouTube wants to censor their music video that displays how a real relationship works. Their music video shows how some relationships have their ups and downs, which again displays real life. There are pop music videos that show relationships bubbly and happy which aren't like that 100% of the time.

Trapt brought up a good point on how they want to censor something that displays a real life scenario. There are plenty of rap videos that show "big booty hoes" "twerking" in a sucia outfit. Now how come YouTube does not censor the rap videos with graphic images? I uploaded two videos, one of Trapts that YouTube wants to censor and a rap video from Llyod Banks which should be censored. I don't know about you but I am team Trapt all the way not just because I am a fan but because they speak the truth. Check out the videos down below and take the poll if you agree with Trapt or side with YouTube.