Most of us would agree a vacation out of at least El Paso, would be wonderful! If you had to put together a bucket list of  things to accomplish most would be an amusement park or some desolate island somewhere that brought you peace of mind. Death isn't funny in any language you spell it but with it comes LIFE!!

For me, going to places of either residence or just reliving good times would be at Disneyland, California.That would definitely make my list of things to do! Taking my daughter and injecting me with her laughter and pure enjoyment of life would bring me back to mine!

Too many places to name could be a problem but none more than your life, which is precious! Given to us with no more than a blink of the eye requires a touch of humanity or humility depending on your out look. I thank my higher power everyday for my own blessings, what's on your bucket list to accomplish?