Hitman Sniper — Will Make You An Expert Marksman!
Have you ever wanted to be an expert marksman? Then do I have the perfect game to settle your gun slinging ways, "Hitman Sniper"! Easy to play and get rid of evil doers.
This sniper game probably has the most technically sound graphics and easy to shoot controls...
August 13th, The Best Day Of My Life!!
There are moments in this life that either wake you up or pass you by, if you're not careful. On this day 7 years ago, my life changed and I wouldn't have any other way, with the birth of my little Storm!
Becoming a father has literally made me realize that no longer are the days of se…
Who Inspired You To Pick Up An Instrument?
The best part of finding a positive inspiration is taking that first step to learn more of what got you inspired in the first place. Every musician has their hero that got them interested in music and instrument.
Now whether you are a singer like myself, or you play an instrument someone introduced y…
What’s Your Current Obsession?
Big surprise here, my current obsession has been one that's been with me since 1992. My obsession ladies and gentleman if you really give a flip is seeing Guns N Roses in concert, again!
The good news in all this is we are exactly 1 month away from the big show and the obsession that has haunted…
Your Ultimate Rock Festival- Who Plays?
So you think you have what it takes to put on a rock festival. It's more attention to detail than you would expect. The first thing is to get the bands booked way ahead of time.
The one thing I would do, I would make my rock festival an all original member show...

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