I can arrange that!        Well, sort of .......

Van Halen have a long standing tradition of doing a full blown dress rehearsal before every tour for family and friends only.  Our invitations must have been lost in the mail or something I guess; but ... fear not!!  You still get to see part of it!

This is a good sign!  The fact that they are actually about to launch this tour means the reunion has already lasted longer than I thought it would.  Enjoy a couple of the new Van Halen songs live.  (While you can!)


And now, a "new" new one!!

So far, the closest they get to us is still Phoenix .. June 16th.  If that changes, we'll TOTALLY let you know the second we find out!! :)  See the other dates below.


18th – Louisville, KY

20th – Auburn Hills, MI

22nd – Indianapolis, IN

24th – Chicago, IL

28th – New York, NY


1st – New York, NY

3rd – Uncasville, CT

5th – Philadelphia, PA

9th – Buffalo, NY

11th – Boston, MA

15th – Montreal, QC

17th – Toronto, ON

21st – Ottawa, ON

24th – Atlantic City, NJ

28th – Washington, DC


1st – Rosemont, IL

10th – Sunrise, FL

12th – Tampa, FL

14rh – Orlando, FL

16th – Jacksonville, FL

19th – Atlanta, GA

21st – Greensboro, NC

25th – Charlotte, NC

27th – Nashville, TN


1st – Tulsa, OK

5th – Tacoma, WA

7th – Vancouver, BC

9th – Calgary, AB

11th – Edmonton, AB

17th – Winnipeg, MB

19th – St. Paul, MN

22nd – Kansas City, MO

24th – Denver, CO

27th – Las Vegas, NV


1st – Los Angeles, CA

3rd – Oakland, CA

5th – San Jose, CA

12th – Anaheim, CA

14th – San Diego, CA

16th – Phoenix, AZ

20th – Dallas, TX

22nd – San Antonio, TX

24th – Houston, TX

26th – New Orleans, LA