Some booty shaking has led to extortion charges for the Sunland Park mayor pro tem and city manager.

Sunland Park Mayor pro tem Daniel Salinas and City Manager Jaime Aguilera were arrested over the weekend for allegedly attempting to blackmail another mayoral candidate with video of him receiving a lap dance.

The La Cruces Sun News reported that Salinas attempted to use video of candidate Gerardo Hernandez receiving a lap dance to try and get him to drop out of the race.

The strangest part of the story is how the video of the lap dance came to exist. Hernandez told the La Cruces Sun News that he and his campaign manager were in their campaign office when a man he was considering hiring as a publicity specialist visited with a woman he'd never seen before.

"We started to have a few drinks," Hernandez told the newspaper. "She started to lap dance for us. That's what it was - only a lap dance."

That seems completely normal, right? We always bring strippers on job interviews with us!