I can tell you what NOT to buy your significant other, be they man or woman.  You are welcome.  In this survey, men ranked the worst gifts that men buy...and women ranked the worst gifts men buy.  The study found that more than half of women and one in five men say they've opened a gift from their significant other and wondered what the heck they were thinking.  The survey also found that one in six couples have gotten into a huge fight over a gift, one in 20 have actually broken up over a bad present.  I can't imagine breaking up with someone over a bad gift.  Isn't it the thought, or in this case, lack of, that counts?

Here are the ten gifts men should never buy for women, and what I think about it:

1.  Underwear.  They never buy the right size.

2. Toiletries and cosmetics.  We don't want the cheap stuff.

3.  Perfume. Men never pick the right scent.

4.  Kitchen utensils.  That's a no brainer!

5.  Cheap jewelry.  I'd rather have a kitchen utensil.

6.  Chocolates.  It's okay as a stocking stuffer.

7.  Shoes or slippers.  Once again, they never buy the right size.

8.  A vacuum cleaner.  That would suck!

9.  Flowers.  If that's all, bad idea.

10.  Exercise clothes, workout DVD's or anything else that hints she needs to work out.  Enough said.


The 10 gifts women should never buy for men, and why I disagree:

1.  Clothes.  Sometimes you guys need serious help in this department.  Trust us.

2.  Gadgets.  You will play with anything.

3.  A man bag. Because one sack is never enough.

4.  Stuffed animals.  Sometimes we don't feel like cuddling.

5.  Shoes.  We can be of help here.  You can't wear running shoes to every event.

6.  Jewelry.  I have to agree with this one, unless your significant other is Mr. T, or a rapper.

7.  Chocolates.  I would get my favorite.

8.  A meal out.  I don't see a problem here, as long as it's his favorite steakhouse.

9.  Aftershave.  I want something I like.

10.  A framed photo.  That's just fruity!