There have been loads of Romeo & Juliet versions made and one coming out. Some good, some not so great and some we didn't even know of.

Romeo and Juliet is a story written in the early career of William Shakespeare about two teenagers and their tragic love story.

The 1936 version was played by Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer who were actually a bit too old to play the parts of two young teenagers in love. Howard was 43 as Shearer was 34.

The 1968 version we all know is the one we all (most of us) saw in High School. Romeo played by actor Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey as Juliet. At the time it was a bit risqué, considering certain scenes for Hussey to play the part of Juliet since she was only 16. According to the biography of Director Franco Zeffirelli, Sir Paul McCartney was originally asked to play the part of Romeo.

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We all remember, whether its good or bad, the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I understand the whole modern day theme, but making it that and using the Shakespearean original dialogue was a bit much. Changing from swords to guns but still calling them 'swords' ... hmm. All in all, I still liked the movie.

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For those Spanish speakers, in 2002 Director Fernando Sariñana released the film 'Amar te Duele' which translates to 'Loving You Hurts'. The movie is based on the classic play Romeo and Juliet as well. In the streets of Mexico City, this film shows the feuds between different social classes. Unfortunately, people are divided there and in other places by whether you are rich or poor (there is no middle). Renata (Martha Higareda) who belongs in the upper society falls in love with Ulises (Luis Fernando Peña), a poor soul who works hard to save money so he can go to an art school.

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Now we have a new version coming out this Friday; now this version of Romeo and Juliet is getting quite the controversy as they will not be using Shakespeare's traditional dialogue and will only be following the play's plot.

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In my opinion, if something was written a certain way and had quite the success, there is no reason to remake and change it. We've had plenty of Romeo and Juliet movies made, some good, some not so great and some we just rather not mention. But apparently some people think that since they can't come up with something on their own, they can get something from someone else and change it up. Not cool!