Times sure have changed haven't they? Remember when tattoos were frowned upon, what the hell happened? Now a days tattoos are the norm, strange to say this but running into someone not inked seems very peculiar am I right?

I have always been into tattoos and the history of the art as a story teller. I have a few with more to be added. I have my favorites so far, the half a butterfly on my left hand, my wife has the other half on her right hand which when we hold hands completes the butterfly and the antenna's form a heart. The other is on my right hand which looks like a heart. It's actually my thumb print along with my wife's and our daughters at the bottom in red connecting us forever!

Thank God tattoo's have finally become more acceptable and seen as beautiful art. That doesn't go with all of them. So do yourself a favor be sure of what you want and make sure you have a great artist who sees the same vision as well!