Tom Brady at Carnival 2011. Dork-knobs & Dance Pics
Gisele Bundchen has raped Tom Brady with fashion. She is totally emasculating him. Look at this video of Brady down in Bundchen's native Brazil for Carnival talking about how great everything is then giving the swishiest samba of any man who purports to be heterosexual ever.
World’s Tallest Model May Pose for Playboy [VIDEO]
Being a tall guy, this is something I can totally get in to!  Amazon Eve, who at 6 '8 is the world's tallest model, is thinking about posing nude for Playboy.
Besides modeling, the 31-year-old, born Erika Ervin, also works a fitness trainer, a wrestler and a dominatrix.
According to Amazon Eve, the on…
A Study in Contrasts
Sometimes, a picture is made a thousand times more awesome by some random thing that was accidentally captured in the background.  This is one of those cases. Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt was being photographed on the beach in a bikini recently, and she just happened to be walking…