We've had a lot of sexy ladies and galleries here on KLAQ.com, and they've all been hot.  Now, one of El Paso's own is on the road to becoming a Suicide Girl, as Chuco is an SG Hopeful!

She's posted her first nude set on the Suicide Girls website, so you can get a lot more Chuco in your life right now.

Here's a little about Chuco:

  • She's a Lower Valley hottie.
  • She's 23 and an Aries.
  • She's got both tattoos and piercings.
  • She's totally into tattoos, facial hair, armed forces members, shoulder blade kisses, hair pulling, light biting and light spanking!
  • Her favorite position is doggie style, and she'll try anything once...especially if you beg for it!
  • She's single, and loves to check out local music.
  • She's on Instagram with hot pics, and Twitter!

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