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A Few Dents in Charlie Sheen’s Grill
TMZ.com has two interesting items for you regarding Charlie Sheen. Word is, if you use drugs, especially to excess, it really messes up your teefusses. TMZ.com's proof follows, plus you can click on the pic for a link to some phone video taken at the start of Charlie's drug-fueled 36-hour …
GOOOOAAAALLLLL! NFL Would Score With Soccer Crossovers
I would buy one of these shirts. Maybe downtown when it gets ripped off in a Mexican sweatshop, but I would buy one of these shirts.

Problem is, right now they're not real. They're a product of the imagination of a design student named Jimmy Nutini, who would probably be sued into homelessn…
Maybe This Is How Sesame Street Should Do It
See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
What kid doesn't like learning the alphabet song? But maybe there's a better way...There's a new montage on YouTube called "The Movie Alphabet"...the person who made it found scenes of movie characters saying l…
Big Ben’s OK — It’s Rum and DIET Coke!
Big Ben says he's a changed man since his four-game suspension after an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old Georgia coed for which he was never charged. And, sure he's changed since that night...his CLOTHES! Though karaokeing in a bar is no big deal, the alcohol is troubling (although it's nice …
SB45 Media Day’s Weirdest Moment?
By now, everyone knows Super Bowl media day is odd. But the subject of hair may have taken odd to new levels. We've talked about Steelers DE Brett Keisel and his beard. Well, here he is talking about the beard, how he's ready to shave it, and more...
I Love You, Rush!
Jason Segel & Paul Rudd Meet Rush from Jason Segel
In the movie "I Love You, Man", PAUL RUDD and JASON SEGEL played two guys who both loved the band RUSH.
T-Pro Gets Ratted Out!
The Morning Show's own Teresa Provencio was reading the news,  expecting to see her little prairie dog friend from Noah's Ark. But Dennis from The Ark brought a relative of the prairie dog instead...a rat.
...And the prairie dog...?) :nand a sugar glider...
My 2 Cents
To: All Who Heard The Morning Show Today (1/27)
From: Glenn
RE: Mike Evans gets outed
Hi all!  Just thought I'd throw in my two cents on the M. E. "Retraction" I guess we'll call it.
A Very Upset Bears Superfan, Age 4
A man posted a video of his daughter who may one day have a place at the table of the Da Superfans, the Chicago Bears-Bulls-Di'ka-lovin' fans from Saturday Night Live fame.
Why? Because this four-year-old was VERY upset the Bears lost to the Packers in the NFC Championship game...
Maybe She Just Came from Bed, Bath & Beyond
So, Paul Blart and his gang may take your abuse, rolling on their segways, protecting and serving for $9 and hour...but don't think they aren't watching...waiting for you to make a move like this woman so they can embarrass your ass!

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