Well, El Paso, you've voted and according to your votes, you want hunks!

While I enjoy the Boobs of the Day, Hiney's Hiney of the Week, Monster's Hottie of the Day, SuicideGirls, Babes of the Day and Crushes of the Day as much as the next person, it seems KLAQ.com is seriously missing some biceps and pecs.  Now, Buzz and the Morning Show (except my girl, Teresa) disagree with me here, but guess what? They're on vacation! Mwahaha! Nothing's stopping me now!

Now, I know El Paso has some serious eye-candy of the male variety -- I've been there! So, El Paso hunks, send your pics my way! Ryan Gosling-like dudes not apply, it's not really my thing. I want to see some tatted-up rocker dudes! I know the ladies of El Paso are with me here.

Feel free to be anonymous with your submission, but include some fun facts about you. And please, no pics of your junk. I know where to go on the Internet to find photos of penises if I want. Gentle (and not so gentle) men, send your pics and some info to me at Smethanie@gmail.com and do it quickly before Buzz comes back and yells at me!

Ladies, let's get this drooling party started!