Last week's Hunk-Off between Auston and Ysrael was the closest we've had yet. In the end, the ladies couldn't resist a man in uniform and Ysrael took the title with 57 percent of the vote.

Since the ladies of El Paso seem to like a man in uniform so much, I have another one for you! But, can he take the Hunk title over a muscle man?

This week's Hunk-Off is between Art and Taylor. Art, who looks very serious, says he was dared to enter. Not included here is the photo Art sent me of himself in the tub, complete with a rubber ducky. Aww. Precious. Art did say he knows how much Buzz loves it when guys flex on their Facebook pages, so let's just dedicate these photos below to Buzz.

Taylor says he's a single dad to a 3-year-old daughter and that he's a gaming nerd. You guys know I have a thing for gamers, but I'll let you decide.

So, El Paso, who should be this week's Hunk of the week? Serious Art or nerdy Taylor? Vote below!