We're three weeks into our El Paso Hunk feature and I still can't make up my mind on who should be the hunk and need you to help me by voting. Oh, and since you asked, bonus pictures of me are at the bottom of this post to make up for the hunks.

Last week, we had the smiley Bob vs muscle man Jake, and in the end, it was Bob who emerged victorious with 76 percent of your vote.

This week, we have two fellas who didn't have too much to say going up against each other. We have Auston, who looks outdoorsy and describes himself as a gentlemen with a splash of jerk. That's what every girl wants, though, isn't it?

Up against Auston is Ysrael, who didn't give me any info about him, but I do love the strong and silent type. They don't mind when I mindlessly chatter at them. Ysrael is very official looking. Is that military? Border patrol? I can't tell, but he's welcome to patrol my border. (I don't even know what that means!)

So who do you think should be this week's Hunk? Auston or Ysrael? Vote below!




Think you can out-hunk these guys? Let me see!

Feel free to be anonymous with your submission, but include some fun facts about you. And please, no pics of your junk. I know where to go on the Internet to find photos of penises if I want. Gentle (and not so gentle) men, send your pics and some info to me at Smethanie@gmail.com.

Oh, and to make up to the guys who hate the hunks: