The Sabbath fellas are gearing up for another new release, "Gathered In Their Masses". Here's a sample!

Black Sabbath have been rocking us (and generating millions of dollars in the psycho therapy industry) for over 40 years.  Somehow, they just seem to get better with age.  Like a fine wine or well ..... maybe more like pure grain moonshine.  (I don't know if that stuff gets better with age or not, but it certainly doesn't get any worse!)

Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and whoever the hell is playing drums (Ozzys' touring drummer Tommy Clufetos did many gigs.) are taking a break from the tour now before heading into Mexico and then over to Europe supporting "13".  During their siesta, they're taking care of those of us who didn't get to see them live with a new dvd.  Check out the trailer!!

"Gathered In Their Masses" was recorded over two nights in Melobourne Australia and will be released November 26th on blue ray, dvd and blue ray/dvd combo packs with the audio cd included!!

(Check out the set list here.)

November 26th is still kinda far away though so, in the meantime, here's Sabbath doing "Loner" ... Enjoy!!