Scott “the chi-chi king” Ronson has another group of lovely lady lumps for you to vote on this week. Check them out and tell us whose chi-chis deserve to be called the “Sexiest Chi-Chis of Last Week!" These Chi-Chis are almost perfect in every way.

First, we have our winner for the previous week. Holy Crap chis scored over 60% of the votes in last week’s poll. Take a long, hard look at why Ronson's holdin back the tide!

So let’s move on to the battle of the chi-chis this week.


First off is “A Hand Full Chis". Every guy wishes he had a hold of these!


Up next is “Let Them Free Chis,” How Many licks??

Our third competitor is “Lite Choclate Chis.” Because every guys needs chocolate in there life.

Up next is “In Your Face Chis,” Unwrap the bow for a surprise!


On to the fifth competitor "The Complete Package Chis."  Do I really need to explain?

Lastly, we’ve got “Finger Painted Chis.” Clean-up would be the greatest!