Scott “the chi-chi king” Ronson has another group of lovely lady lumps for you to vote on this week. Check them out and tell us whose chi-chis deserve to be called the “Sexiest Chi-Chis of Last Week!" These Chi-Chis are almost perfect in every way.

First, we have our winner for the previous week. Decorated chis scored nearly over 80% of the votes in last week’s poll. Take a long, hard look at why El Paso loved Halloween!

So let’s move on to the battle of the chi-chis this week.

First off is “Wishing chis". Every guy wishes he had a hold of these!


Up next is “Beerness Chis,” What more do you need to kick off the weekend?


Our third competitor is “Yolo Chis.” Because I don't know what the hell YOLO means.

Up next is “Velvet Chis,” Like a cat I would love to rub my face on this.!


On to the fifth competitor "Perky Chis."  Don't I really need to explain?

Lastly, we’ve got “Holy Crap Chis.” EVERYBODY RUN, I WILL HOLD'EM BACK!!