You know you wanna read this one ... 

Yesterday Buzz invited a couple of monkeys into the studio. (I'm really not sure exactly why...)

 Anyway; they had a relatively good time together until one of them bit Buzz. (Seems Buzz Adams' ability to annoy and irritate is NOT limited to human beings.) Watch it here ... it happens about 11 minutes in.

This prompted our DME, Lauren, to consider all the diseases our simian guest could have given Buzz.  (Read the list.)

Johnnie Walker in turn responded with a list of ailments that Buzz could have given the monkey. (Read that list.)

I'm neither confirming nor denying these speculations.  Regarding Laurens though; I would like to point out one small thing to frequent Morning Show guests Steve Kaplowitz and Fernie Cuevas.

That's YOUR microphone the monkey is slobbering all over. 

Have a nice day!