Check out this week's hotties and pick your favorite!We had hot girls going at it last week, but Danielle came out on top.  Congratulations!



Let's meet this weeks' hotties.  Good luck picking a favorite!


Samantha is a 22-year-old who says "O o o o I think ur KLAQ shirt would look great on me ;)"


22-year-old Ashley says "Im just a laid back country chick!  The south is where it's at!


Mayra is 23 and says "Im a dispathcer at Texas Appliance Service, in my free time I create pretty things for the people I care for. I'm hoping to go back to school to major in English, minor in Education and Sign Language Interpretation. =)."


Tiffany is 30 years of age and says "Who's hot for this teacher????? We are!!!! Born in Albuquerque, now residing in Las Cruces, NM. This teacher knows how to make all your wrongs feel right".

Think you have what it takes to battle? Enter below.