No surprise there but now, it's official.

Spotify put together a whole bunch of charts and interactive stuff and they found that heavy metal fans are by far the most loyal to their form of music.  The study focused on all the major genres of music and metal won big time. The top 5 most loyal fans were the ones into heavy metal, pop, folk, country and rock.

Bob Lugowe, director of promotions and new media at Relapse Records, said:

"Whether it's wearing a 'battle jacket' full of sewn-on patches of their favorite bands, buying every vinyl color and edition of their favorite album, tattooing their favorite band mascot on their arm or traveling exceptionally long distances to concerts and festivals, metalheads are extremely diehard and dedicated to their favorite bands and the genre as a whole."

El Paso and the Borderland as a whole have always been all about the metal. Great to know we're not alone!