After another Speaking Rock concert with a small crowd at the beginning of the show, I have to ask, why aren't more people going? These concerts are FREE!

Is it the bands they bring? The venue? The drunks? I find the people under the influence hilarious to watch, that is one reason I go. Since I can't drink yet the music is pretty much why I go.

These shows are something music lovers should take advantage of. I'm afraid bands aren't going to want to come to El Paso if they continue to see the low turnout for free shows. You usually get to meet and talk to the bands after and it's really just a great experience you may not get again.

Last night, this one row crowd tried to give Gemini Syndrome the energy you would see from a packed show. They had tables on the area for the concert crowd, that is how low the attendance was. By the time Butcher Babies came on there was some more people but still pretty low.

From drunk men throwing ice to Carla and Heidi of the Butcher Babies because they were too hot , to singer Heidi spitting on a innocent fan, these concerts are unpredictable and worth coming out to. Try something different!