Five Finger Death Punch are back at it and they called in a little help!

The new Five Finger Death Punch single is called Lift Me Up and features a guest appearance by the metal god himself, Rob Halford!

The new tracks debut was during the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards Show.  FFDP singer Ivan said

"The song itself was originally written about overcoming everyday obstacles and less than perfect situations. Most of us weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouth but if life dealt you all the wrong cards, you still have to play. The song's intent is to inspire; if you play that hand right you might just come out on top anyway."

The song kicks ass!!  Listen to it below then catch Five Finger Death Punch this summer co - headlining the Mayhem festival with Rob Zombie!!  July 5th in Phoenix or July 6th in Albuquerque are the closest dates to us. (So far anyway!)