El Paso tattoo shop owner George Galindo has a rep for being a guy that will always lend a helping hand.  Now he's showing that to the rest of America ... and beyond!

George, who owns both the House Of Pain locations in El Paso appears to be a pretty laid back kind of guy.  He is but, he's not exactly loaded with idle time!  On top of running both his tattoo shops and being a member of several tattoo artists associations; he created ... and runs ... the countries largest tattoo and music festivals. The Texas Showdown and Ink Life Festivals.

(This year he's joined forces with Kevin Lyman, founder of the WARPED, Taste Of Chaos and Mayhem festivals, to really take it over the top!!)

On top of all that, George is now using his successs to reach out and help others with American Dream TV.  Filming has already begun here in El Paso and in Florida and more will happen here and in the other areas George often visits on tour.  Along with Liz Mirson and Carlos Dimas, George is going to change some lives!


I spoke briefly with George about his new venture and it's "humble" beginnings.  He said he chose to address the homeless issue because;

it's an issue that affects everyone ... at all levels.  In my travels around the country with the tattooo festivals I see it at every level. From teenagers to entire families to vets who have returned home but have nothing.  Corporate America and those "Dr. Phil" type shows don't see this. They don't have any contact with it so it's "invisible" to them.  Traveling around the country, my team and I see it practically everyday and I realized how blessed we truly are.  That's when I made up my mind to help.


There are lots of tattoo shows and I've had many offers to be a part of them.  THIS is what I decided to do with my moment in the spotlight. To help these people and bring awareness to their plight.  I've met so many on the road and some have alcohol or drug issues, some just don't want help; but so many ... most ... have just fallen on hard times and can't get back up.

As for the "humble beginnings"; right now it's pretty much all George and his crew.  No big time network support or assistance.  George told me that ... so far ... most of the momentum behind this project is coming from the core of his tattoo audience.  The bikers, the tattoo lovers, the rock, rockabilly and metal musicians.  The "underground" if you will.

(An underground I myself am PROUD to be a part of.)

Share this on your facebooks, tell your friends, write your own blogs ... Spread the word brothers!  It sounds so cliche but; together, we truly can make a difference. This project is already raising a few eyebrows higher up the line. Let's make it happen!! 

I'll keep you all posted on the shows progress.  It's not the first time George has made a diference and .. with our help ... it won't be the last!  (Graphic language)