The Rock Queen is asking Hollywood to give her a second chance ... for the 80th, maybe 90th time.

Hole singer and widow to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love says she deserves one more try, but this time from Hollywood.

Listen, if Natasha Lyonne can burn down a house and Robert Downey, Jr. can go to prison for two years, I deserve a second chance. I know there is hope for me.

Love has a new agent, has been going through a few scripts here and there, recording a new album and sketching a Spring collection for her own clothing line 'Never The Bride".

One thing she made clear was that the 49 year old rocker is not sleeping with anyone under 38 years of age. She says that guys are mostly hitting on her so she can cast them as Kurt Cobain for the biopic movie that has been in production for a few years.

Love says she has to work hard to maintain her Rock Queen Status.

I tell female artists all the time, ‘You want this crown? Stand up and get it!' It brings in a lot of glory and it’s controversial, but it’s not as rewarding as Madonna’s job - dance music - which has lots more sales. Look, everybody wants to have a rock moment, but living a rock moment all the time is hard for anybody, including me.