Okay, that sounded a little weird. Not actually a part of HIM has arrived, but his gear has arrived. For the first time I can remember in Balloonfest history, one of the bands has shipped their gear to us!

Usually we just find scraggly-looking musicians, struggling with gear coming off the baggage carousel at the airport, hoping for either a vegan meal or Whataburger. They're always recognizable as a band, even if we don't know what they look like...so we help them shlep their gear into a van or twelve, and bring it to Wet N Wild.

This is one of the benefits of being in a bing, successful band, or in Mark Tremonti's case...two big successful bands. You have the luxury of being able to ship your gear to you shows in advance, and have multiple sets of gear to play. We just received 16 cases of gear from the band, in preparation of their destruction of Wet N Wild on Saturday...I'm stoked!

Now, if we can just keep the curious idiots around here from opening up the cases...